TZV Gredelj

Locomotive series 2 062 (G26 CW)

One of larger projects in TZV Gredelj, done for the first time for a foreign company, is the “Turner Project” – the project of modernization and reconstruction of twenty diesel-electric locomotives series HZ-2 062.
This project was carried out in cooperation of Turner Rail Service, TZV Gredelj and Electro Motive Division EMD, and was financed by EBRD (the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development). EBRD has evaluated this project as one of the most successful in transition countries.
Reconstruction covers a range of modernization works that can be observed through the following four strategic areas:
– operational safety of the locomotive and its control and enhancement of reliability and availability
– fuel savings and locomotive maintenance costs reduction
– environment protection
– improvement of working conditions for machine personnel