TZV Gredelj

Diesel multiple unit series 7 121

Diesel multiple unit is particularly suitable for exploitation on railway lines with high passenger frequency, on shorter commuter traffic distances, as well as for greater distances on non-electrified lines.
It consists of two motor cars, each being equipped with a driver`s cab and the possibility of control depending on the running direction. From one driver`s cab it is possible to control three coupled sets of two-part DMUs.
A two-part set can carry a total number of 288 passengers, out of which number there are 144 passenger seats. Maximum speed of DMU is 120 km/h.
In order to gain comfort, the interior was redesigned (seats, wall and ceiling coatings, toilet facilities etc.) and new visual identity has been achieved by new selection of colors. Heating and ventilation was modernized accordingly and new engine with nominal power of 230 kW has been built in.