TZV Gredelj

Electric multiple unit series 6 111

Electric three-unit railcar series 6 111, produced by GANZ MAVAG 1977-1980 consists of two steering cars and the middle motor car, and has the possibility of combining up to three railcars into a rail train. After exploitation for more than 20 years in which an electric multiple unit has passed 2.850.000 km on average, the condition of the main components of the tractive electrical circuit, heating, electrical circuits of control and regulation as well as condition of a part of the passenger area interior and the mechanical part of carbody required
modification and modernization of the components.
Technical documentation and innovative interventions in reconstruction and modernization of electric multiple unit are the result of the designers and engineers of Gredelj and the Croatian Railways.
The train is intended for regular passenger traffic on commuter lines.
In order to increase the number of standing room, i.e. passenger capacity, the number of seats has been reduced from 236 to 137. Result of this is increase in the total number of passengers from 466 so far to 543.