TZV Gredelj

Diesel-hydraulic locomotive
series 2 132 340

For the company’s own needs there was refurbished and modernized a 2 132 340 series locomotive. Refurbishment and modernization of locomotives of the same series was also done for the Croatian Railways.
Repowered and modernized 2 132 340 locomotive is a diesel-hydraulic locomotive developed from the industrial 732 004 locomotive by:
• installation of new Caterpillar type 3412E diesel engine
• modification and modernization of the control system
• installation of new electrical system and equipment
• installation of new hydrostatic cooling system
• installation of new cooling and heating system of driver’s cab
• installation and control of new headlights
• installation of Altpro RAS 8385 I autostop device and Deuta KWR6 speedometer recorder
• installation of Funkwerk Mesa 26 radio-dispatch device.
The power of the diesel engine is 478kW and the locomotive traction power (on the wheel rim) is about 390kW.
The internal layout of the equipment, the driver’s cab and the external appearance of the locomotive have been retained in their mainly original form, while the control interface has been modernized due to the installation of a new diesel engine.
The locomotive is in compliance with environmental regulations (reduced gas emissions, reduced fuel consumption and reduced noise level) and the ordinance on marking and signaling of locomotives.