TZV Gredelj

WL sleeping car

Sleeping car Wl was built through reconstruction and modernization of coach type Y from 1980. The first five coaches are having MD 52 bogie built in, and the remaining five have MD 522. Maximum permitted coach velocity is 160 km/h and the coach will be running both on domestic lines and abroad.

Apart from entrances and reception desk, the coach has eleven compartments with three beds each, two vacuum toilets and a corridor.
The coach complies with the valid regulations:

• UIC (International railway union) referring to Wl coaches
• RIC (Book of regulations 92 on mutual use of passenger coaches in international traffic)
• IEC (International electrotechnics commission) referring to Wl coaches
• Regulations on safety at work
The coach is supplied with electrical energy by means of 75 kW static converter. It has two entrance single-wing outward sliding doors and front sliding doors. The coach is entirely air-conditioned. The first five coaches are having air brake with wheel slide protection built in, and the remaining five are being equipped with bridge-over electric air brake (EP) with wheel slide protection and magnetic track brake. Central switch cabinet was built in on the coach together with diagnostic system and loudspeaker system. The reception desk of the coach is equipped with a coffeemaker, a microwave and a refrigerator.
The coach is supplied with water from three 400 liter capacity containers. Sleeping compartments and reception desk are supplied with drinking water (water is being purified by means of UV and mechanic filters). At the end of the coach there are twovacuum toilets. Each compartment has interphone connection with reception. In order to achieve maximum passenger safety fire-alarm system has been built into the coach.