TZV Gredelj

Diesel-hydraulic DB V220 series locomotive

Diesel-hydraulic locomotive of German production, marked V220, was produced in the 1950s in the Lokomotivfabrik Krauss-Maffei AG factory. German Railways withdrew these locomotives from service due to age.

Ten locomotives were sold to regional railways Ferrovie Emilia Romagna (FER) from Ferrara, Italy. TZV Gredelj modernized and repowered nine out of ten of these locomotives.
MMI (man machine interface) is significantly simplified, while at the same time machine and service personnel can via the PC panel easily access all statistical and diagnostic tools in the system in real time. Communication from GLC800 to machine personnel is in the form of text messages or characters (according to UIC640). The control system is at a voltage level of 24VDC and is powered by locomotive NiCd batteries.
As part of the revision and modernization, the following works were also performed on the locomotive:
– sandblasting and corrosion protection
– reconstruction of diesel engine cooling system to a dual-circuit system
– production and installation of new components of the exhaust system, air intake and fuel supply adjusted to new diesel engines
– revision of the Voith LT306r hydraulic transmission
– revision of the diesel engine cooling fan hydrostatic drive system with the installation of new hydrostatic pumps driven directly from the diesel engine
– installation of a new Webasto device
– compressor revision
– installation of new brake equipment
– installation of air conditioning
– moving the control desks and all necessary locomotive control devices to the left side of the driver’s cab
– construction of sound insulation so that the noise in the driver’s cab does not exceed 80dB
– reconstruction and production of new electrical installations at = 24V
– revision of draw gear and
– revision of bumpers with installation of elastomer