TZV Gredelj

Quality control

Despite the fact that Gredelj Rolling Stock Factory went bankrupt as of October 1, 2012, it continued its business in new conditions. The goals of the company are positive business operations during bankruptcy proceedings in order to maintain the business activity and thus achieve a good basis for regulating the legal position and treatment of creditors. A new organization of business operations has been set up based on rationalization and cost reduction, while operations have been systematized on the basis of two production units whose products and services are needed by the market. It is primarily important for TZV Gredelj d.o.o. under bankruptcy proceedings to become a healthy entity cleared of unnecessary expenses and as such to take part in the rolling stock market in the coming period.
With a tradition of more than 125 years, knowledge, experience, professional approach and cutting-edge technology, TZV Gredelj d.o.o. under bankruptcy proceedings seeks to become a regional leader in the design, manufacture and maintenance of all types of rail vehicles and therefore the goal for the factory is to have full employment of its production capacities with work in the production halls being carried out with new vigor and optimism in a healthy and modern environment. Thanks to its new and entirely modernized plants equipped with the latest sophisticated technology, TZV Gredelj d.o.o. under bankruptcy proceedings is certainly a socially responsible company taking care of both environment protection and its employees.

Gredelj Rolling Stock Factory d.o.o. under bankruptcy proceedings has a certificate in accordance with the requirements of the standard HRN EN ISO 9001:2015 from the Croatian Register of Shipping; the validity of the valid certificate expires on June 21, 2022.

The certificate applies to: design, development, production, reconstruction, overhaul and maintenance of rail vehicles, spare parts and assemblies, metal structures and cranes; testing of brake equipment; overhaul and maintenance of diesel-electric power units, compressors and internal combustion engines.