TZV Gredelj

Push-Pull coaches

Five push-pull coaches are built in Gredelj by modernization and reconstruction of B coaches produced between 1964. and 1966. their purpose is suburban traffic of Italian railway company FSE (Ferrovie del Sud-Est) and may be included into traffic for speed up to 120 km/h. Coaches will be used in sets which will be composed of new diesel locomotives produced in DPA (Italy), for coaches Bn series (Bteem) which were reconstructed and modernized in Gredelj and one push-pull coach.
The most extensive reconstruction is performed on the front of coach. Instead of front side which was cut off , new drivers cab is built – with new front windows with electric heaters, lateral windows with better sealing and up/down and lock up mechanism as well as new entrance door produced in Gredelj.
Drivers cab contains equipment built in according to the customer’s request. From the push-pull coach complete function of the locomotive is managed which enables driving along the tracks in both directions without turning the locomotive from one to the other side at destination points.
Central place at driver’s table is reserved for the monitor on which driver sees all necessary data regarding condition of locomotive.
Inside push-pull coach the space for train personnel is arranged, space for invalid persons and bicycle space. On both sides of entrance space there are platforms (elevators) for rising/landing of invalid persons in wheelchairs. Design and quality of interior are significantly improved (new luggage racks, curtains, floor and ceiling coverings, isolation) which rises the level of comfort for the passengers.
New ergonomic seats are built in, instead of steam heating electric heaters are built in, passenger space and drivers cab are cooled trough new air condition devices and lighting of the coach is improved by building in new lamps with fluo tubes.
Instead of manual managing of entrance doors, coaches have automatic managing, door opening and closing electromotors are installed as well as motors for the blockage of the doors.
Two modules of air conditioning devices and two new accu-battery boxes are installed in the undercarriage of the coach as well as static converter with incoming voltage of 3 kVdc which gives the power of 3×400 Vac (50Hz) for powering the coach devices and 24 Vdc for charging the batteries.
In all coaches completely new electrical installation is installed. All coaches are equipped with remote control installation for transmitting the managing signal from the driver’s cab to the locomotive and for central management of the doors.