TZV Gredelj

WR dining car

WR dining car was built in the 1990-ies through reconstruction of a Y type car. In the context of modernization of passenger coaches for the needs of Croatian Railways, modernization of technical equipment and outer appearance was undertaken with the objective of integrating the car into the existing IC trains. As part of modernization, experts in TŽV Gredelj conducted redesign of the interior. Into the car there were mounted new ceiling elements with exhaust ducts, fluorescent lighting, 11 peaces of non-opening
windows and 6 pieces of folding windows. All windows have got 20% darkened glass.
Seats have been newly upholstered, there was new plastic bottom covering built into the floor, and interior coating was painted. Heating, cooling and ventilation is controlled by means of a microprocessor air-conditioning unit in the electrical cabinet. There are “skirts” mounted on both sides of the car under the main longitudinal support. The car complies entirely with the provisions of UIC 565-2.