TZV Gredelj

Diesel-electric locomotive
series GT 22HW (2 044)

For the company As Skinest Rail, Estonia, there were refurbished and modernized two GT 22 HW (2 044) series locomotives.
Refurbishment and modernization of locomotives of the same series was performed also for the Croatian Railways. Modernization and repair of the above locomotives can be adjusted to the customer’s requirements.

The following works were performed on the locomotive:
• repair of diesel engine EMD 12-645E3
• repair of diesel engine PG speed regulator
• repair of WBO compressor no. 13335
• repair of hood and sound and thermal insulation of driver’s cab
• repair of buffers and draw gear
• repair and certification of braking equipment
• testing of air reservoirs
• repair of air, water, oil and fuel equipment
• repair of electrical devices and installations
• repair of the main alternator AR6-D14
• repair of auxiliary generator 3A-8147
• repair of auxiliary electric machines
The following modifications were performed on the locomotive:
• installation of new headlights with 24VDC voltage
• installation of new lighting of driver’s cab, engine room, frame, steps,
• instruments with 24VDC voltage
• installation of new registering speedometer TELOC 1200 with deadman device
• installation of new Coleman air conditioner
• installation of new RAS 8385 I autostop system
• installation of new air dryer
• installation of new lead accu-batteries
• installation of locomotive remote control – tandem ride (multiple unit)
• on the heads of the locomotives there were added cocks and pipe couplings for the main line and the reservoir line for the purpose of locomotive tandem ride
• installation of radio-dispatch device Funkwerk MESA 26
• installation of GPS device
Locomotive was completely painted and tested in the test station – on a load resistor.