TZV Gredelj

Low floor tram type TMK 2200

As part of the CROTRAM consortium, TZV Gredelj is partner with the company Končar-Elektrolokomotive in the realization of the project for production of 140 tram sets for the needs of ZET (Zagreb Electrical Tram).

Within this project TZV Gredelj’s experts made a complete project documentation for basic supporting construction according to a conceptual design of sub-contractors and constructed the carbody. In this part of work they have done the insulation, complete corrosion
protection, they have built in inner coatings up to window height, doors, part of electrical installations as well as installations and duct for air conditioning devices, joints, bellows and turning platforms of own production. For production of steel construction Gredelj’s experts have produced around 70 various devices.
Tram vehicle type TMK 2200 is made of five segments mutually connected by four joints. Connection of segments in joints is achieved by means of bellows and turning platforms.
The vehicle is supported by three bogies (beneath the first, third and fifth segment), while the rest of the segments are being suspended on the supported segments.