TZV Gredelj

Diesel-electric locomotive
series JT38CW-DC

JT38CW-DC is a new locomotive designed in a project of modernization and repowering of an old GE EMD G16 locomotive. From the original locomotive only the Westinghouse L26 breaking system and bogies with traction motors were retained (both according to costumer request).
All other locomotive parts are newly designed and produced. This includes new locomotive main frame in accordance with EN12663, new driver’s cabs in accordance with EN and UIC regulations (like UIC651, EN50355, UIC
895, UIC 521… etc), new diesel engine EMD 8-710G3B-T2, new traction alternator AR10A7 and auxiliary alternator CA6B.
Locomotive fits into UIC505-1 profile. In total it has six traction motors that drive individual axles in the bogies. When necessary, each individual traction motor can be cut-out. Interior locomotive lights are all in LED technology while outside (signal) lights are in accordance with TSI and UIC recommendations.
Locomotive has two cabs that are almost identical with centrally positioned control stands and layout in accordance with UIC651. Front windshield (also according to UIC651) has integrated electrical heating, electrical window washer/wiper and hot air defogging. Locomotive is equipped with digital data recorder and can facilitate different safety systems (like INDUSI, ETCS…) according to customer needs.
Central control is trough EM200 computer that controls and governs the traction and also provides AESS (automatic engine start stop). Application of AESS significantly reduces diesel engine work hours by stopping the engine in periods of prolonged idling. This directly reduces fuel costs, engine oil usage and maintenance costs. Primary purpose of the locomotive is freight hauling either alone or in multiple unit control (up to 5 locomotives can be controlled from one driver’s cab).
All these characteristics make JT38CW-DC a reliable and robust locomotive with high degree of comfort and improved safety together with reduced emissions and reduced fuel and engine oil consumption. 18 t axle load makes it ideal for both main lines and lines with reduced permissible axle loads.