TZV Gredelj

Diesel-hydraulic 732 series locomotive

BEFORE RECONSTRUCTION Diesel-hydraulic locomotive is a three-axle locomotive for shunting operations with a built-in two-stroke JW 600 diesel engine. Power transmission of the diesel engine to the drive shaft is achieved via the VOITH L26 hydraulic transmission and the VOITH NG 600/2 mechanical transmission. Primary drive is achieved with an elastic coupling and a primary cardan shaft.
Cooling fan is driven by means of cardan shaft and the revolution number depends directly on diesel-engine
revolution number. The locomotive is controlled via air equipment while driving direction may be changed only when the locomotive is stopped. Electrical installation of the locomotives is 72 V.

Diesel-hydraulic three-axle locomotive for shunting operations with a built-in four-stroke Caterpillar 3412E diesel engine. Primary drive is performed with a highly elastic coupling – cardan shaft connection. The fan is driven hydrostatically, and the fan rotates at a speed that depends on the temperature of the coolant, regardless of the diesel engine revolution number. Hydraulic transmission, intermediate transmission and axle transmissions have remained unaltered.
Control of the locomotive is achieved electro-pneumatically; by turning the drive valve, the air pressure at its outlet increases and is then sent to the diesel engine via a pressure sensor and a pulse-width modulator. Driver’s cab has been partially modernized for the installation of control instruments related to the control and monitoring of diesel engine operation (CAT panel). Electrical installation of the locomotive was changed to 24 V.