TZV Gredelj

At 1st class passenger coach

The so-called “skirts” are built in on both sides of the coach under main longitudinal supports. They consist of firmly built in metal sheets and covers, and their intention is to give the coach a more contemporary, aerodynamic exterior appearance as well as to protect the equipment under the coach.

The coach complies with the valid regulations UIC, RIC, IEC and regulations on safety at work of Republic of Croatia. In order to enhance passenger comfort the coach has been air-conditioned, it
has power sockets for laptops and mobile phones charging, automatic control doors, vacuum toilets, ergonomic pull-out seats, fold-over tables to enable working on a laptop. The entrances are separated from the passenger area by sliding glass doors. The coach has four side single-wing outward sliding doors and two double-wing sliding front doors. In one entrance area there is a toilet, main switch cabinet (with coach devices control units and central diagnostic system with screen) and hand brake mechanism, and in the other one there is also a toilet, a large luggage area and spare parts cabinet. Supplying the coach consumers with electrical energy and accumulator battery charging is performed by static converter of 50 kW power.
The new coach consists of three main parts, two entrances with a corridor and toilet facilities and the main part passenger area. On the new coach body there were 18 openings made for windows (4 folding and 14 non-openable windows and with shutters, made of shaded glass). The main reconstruction consists of transformation of a passenger area with ten six seats compartments into one large passenger compartment with 54 seats.
At passenger coach was produced by reconstruction of A, B and AB coaches manufactured 1976/77 of type Y UIC 567 1 (24.5m length) capable of running up to 160 km/h. The existing bogie Wegman 26 capable of running up to 160km/h is retained along with large repair and modernization. The coach is equipped with electro-air bridge-over emergency brake.