TZV Gredelj

Spindle lifting jack type VD2-25T

VD2-25T spindle lifting jacks are designed for operation in production and service rail workshops. Their robust structure ensures safe, reliable and long lasting operation with short service and maintenance time.

For that purpose, each spindle lifting jack has an automatic lubrication of the trapezoidal spindle, while the other movable parts – bearings and wheels – were permanently lubricated with grease.
Spindle lifting jacks are designed for operation in groups of 2, 4, 6 or 8 jacks.
For transport or carryover, each spindle lifting jack has on its underside openings to accept forks of a forklift, and on the upper side there are two eye bolts to hold two steel ropes (wire cables).
Transport and positioning of spindle lifting jacks is possible longitudinally and transversely with respect to the center line of a jack:
a) by means of a standard hand pallet truck of 685 mm width, width of forks 160 mm, length of forks 1150 mm, carrying capacity of min. 2000 kg
b) by means of a motorized forklift with adjustable fork spacing
c) by means of a crane.