TZV Gredelj

1 141 electric locomotive

1 141 electric locomotive for universal purposes is a four-axle locomotive with single axle drive (B`o-B`o). Electrical equipment of the locomotive is designed to be supplied with alternating voltage of 25 kV, 50 Hz.
TZV Gredelj performs all types of repairs (extraordinary, medium, large repairs and general overhauls) that require revision of electrical, air and mechanical equipment, regeneration of all assemblies and modifications as needed and according to customer demands. It also repairs all damage to
locomotives caused by, for example, collisions, fires or similar accidents. The company also installs new high-voltage and low-voltage installations, safety equipment (RD and AS devices) from various manufacturers, new type rectifier stands (with 4 diodes), thyristor converters for three-phase system power supply (PTUJ 135 D) with associated equipment, new S5 control cabinets and S1-S4 motor stands.
In driver’s cabs it installs equipment for improving the working conditions of the driver (new control, measuring and signaling equipment, heating and air conditioning devices, seats, etc.). There is also the possibility of installing microprocessor control as well as the possibility of modernization of the locomotives of this series by installation of thyristors. For reconstructions and modifications on locomotives the factory prepares all technical documentation.