TZV Gredelj

Diesel-electric locomotive
series 2041-100

Diesel-electric 2041-100 series locomotive was created by the modernization of a 40 years old 2041-000 locomotive. From the original locomotive there were retained only the main frame and the bogies while all other parts and systems are completely new or have been significantly modified.
Locomotive is equipped with a new CAT3805B diesel engine (certified according to UIC623). The completely new electronic control system is based on the GLC800 computer and combines all the functions of the main and
auxiliary drive control, diesel engine control and all the protections of each of the locomotive systems.
MMI (man machine interface) is significantly simplified, while at the same time machine and service personnel can via the PC panel easily access all statistical and diagnostic tools in the system in real time. Communication from GLC800 to machine personnel is in the form of text messages or characters (according to UIC640). The control system is at a voltage level of 24VDC and is powered by locomotive NiCd batteries.
The auxiliary drive system (fans, compressor, diesel engine cooling…) is powered by VVVF (variable voltage and frequency) controllable statistical converters with a total installed power of 80kVA. This system of auxiliary drives enables very precise regulation of the operation of each individual segment of auxiliary drives in accordance with the current needs in that system, thus ensuring energy savings and the most favorable working conditions for each locomotive system. Additionally, the locomotive is equipped with the SAPAZ system (diesel engine automatic start and stop system) which in certain situations automatically stops the diesel engine and activates the preheater to maintain the diesel engine at ideal operating temperature and the locomotive ready to start. If necessary, this system (SAPAZ) will periodically and automatically start the diesel engine to charge the batteries or the brake system. Implementation of this system significantly reduces the number of idling hours and, accordingly, the costs of fuel, engine oil and maintenance.
Locomotive is equipped with LED interior lighting and automated exterior lighting according to TSI and UIC recommendations.
The primary purpose of the locomotive is heavy shunting operation and traction of light freight trains. Axle pressure of 16.5 tons ensures that the locomotive can also be used on side and industrial tracks. New technical and technological solutions contribute to a significant reduction in operating and maintenance costs while increasing locomotive reliability.