TZV Gredelj

ABee 1st and 2nd class
passenger coach

The passenger coach marked ABee has been built by reconstruction and modernization of Y coach type manufactured in 1984 year. The main reconstructions of coach refer to adding the equipment and devices in order to improve passengers’ comfort such as air-conditioning device, automatic controlled doors, vacuum toilets, modern interior with comfortable seats.
The sub-systems of coaches are connected to central computer of electrical cabinet, in which is integrated the central diagnostic system of coach,
too. The maximum permitted speed of coach is 160km/h and it can operate in domestic and international traffic according to RIC 92 regulations. From a safety viewpoint to the coaches is built in the most modern air brake with emergency brake that has ability to delay braking, as well as Mg brake. All coaches are protected by anti-graphitic varnish.
The coach meets the valid regulations:

• UIC (International Union of Railways)
• RIC (International Coach Regulations)
• IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission)
• Regulations on safety and protection
• EN Standards
• HŽ Regulations (Croatian Railways)
The floor area of coach is divided in nine compartments with six seats, namely, the four compartments of first class, the five compartments of second class, the corridor from the side, and two entrances with two vacuum toilets. The coach is supplied by 50kW four-system power static converter, and equipped with loudspeaker system. All compartments have reading lamps and PC plugs.