Gredelj Rolling Stock Factory LLC

Rolling Stock Factory Gredelj with more than 125 years of tradition and experience in the design, production, reconstruction, modernization and maintenance of all types of railway vehicles today proudly presents the fact that it has become part of the Tatravagonka a.s. family.

Tatravagonka a.s. was founded in 1922 and together with other companies employs over 12,000 people worldwide and annually produces about 4,000 freight cars, 10,000 bogies and transports tons and tons of goods around the world.

With new production facilities equipped with the most sophisticated technology, at a location of 352,000 m2 total surface, 80,000 m2 of covered area and 10,000 m of tracks, we are also proud of the fact that Gredeljs locomotives, coaches, freight cars and multiple units are designed in accordance with UIC and AAR standards and are adapted to all rail tracks (narrow, wide or standard gauges).

With the new owner we continue our successful production story!

Production program

Gredelj Rolling Stock Factory LLC

Vukomerečka cesta 89
10000 Zagreb