TZV Gredelj

Notice to higher 2nd rank creditors

Zagreb, May 6, 2021

Dear Madam/Sir,

we hereby address all the higher 2nd rank
creditors who have a recognized claim in the bankruptcy proceedings against TZV
Gredelj d.o.o. that if there have been statutory changes or changes in the giro
account since the recognition of the claim, all the changes shall be submitted
by a letter/statement to the following address:

TŽV Gredelj d.o.o. u stečaju
Vukomerečka cesta 89
10000 Zagreb

Please note that after the date of the hearing
for the acceptance of the bankruptcy plan is set, you will be notified thereof
in writing so that you can give a power of attorney to the persons who will
represent you at the hearing. Due to epidemiological reasons, the number of
persons who will be able to attend the hearing is strictly limited.

All additional information you will be able to
find in due time on our website.

Yours sincerely,

Bankruptcy Trustee

Tomislav Đuričin, MBA