TZV Gredelj


The basic mission of the company is to provide a complete service in terms of production, repair and maintenance of rolling stock, while the creation of added value shall be based on the synergy of knowledge, experience and tradition. The company wants to be a reliable partner to clients in domestic and foreign markets, building its reputation on their satisfaction, and at the same time be a responsible company which takes care of the compliance of development with the principles of environmental protection. The company shall accomplish this mission by applying the knowledge and innovativeness of its employees and modern technology and by observing the laws, standards, regulations and the principles of general practice.


The basic vision is to be a successful company by affirmation and knowing the profession, strengthening the market position, using new technologies and valorizing knowledge. The company aims at taking a leading position in the global market of design and development, production, reconstruction, repair and maintenance of rail vehicles, parts and assemblies. The company wants to be an acknowledged and flexible system in all fields of work as well as to remain recognized by the quality of its products and services, innovativeness, relationship with partners, care for people and environment, social responsibility and ethical business operations.