TZV Gredelj

E 660 electric locomotive

The E 660 series electric locomotive is a six-axle locomotive with individual axle drive (B’o B’o B’o). The locomotive is composed of a two-part, articulated carbody. The locomotive is constructed for 3 kV DC network and is designed for traction of passenger and heavy freight trains on steep and demanding lines. The main electric motor drive of the locomotive consists of six DC collector motors with serial excitation powered from the contact line.
The locomotive was obtained through reconstruction and modernization of the HZ 1 061 series locomotive that was purchased from the Croatian Railways for the Italian client FNM (Ferrovie Nord Milano S.p.A.).
In order to meet the requirements of the UIC-651 standard, new driver’s cabs have been installed in the locomotive to improve ergonomic conditions, track visibility and comfort of work for machine personnel. In driver’s cabs there were installed new control desks with new controllers, new instruments, new control and signaling equipment, air conditioners, heaters, new heated windshields, new headlights and new side windows and doors with improved sealing.
The locomotive is controlled by a microprocessor. Due to customer safety requirements, the locomotive is equipped with two PLC systems with associated equipment (hardware redundancy). In the locomotive there was also installed a new electronic measurement and protection system as well as new screw compressors. All the air equipment of the locomotive was placed in an air rack and the air installation was made of stainless steel. The locomotive is equipped with new contactors for configuring the traction circuit and disconnecting the resistors. Instead of cast traction and braking resistors there were installed sheet metal resistors and stronger electric motors to drive the resistor cooling fans.
In addition, the locomotive is equipped with safety devices (auto-stop, vigilance device and speedometers) that are used on railway lines in Italy. Static excitation system for regulation of auxiliary drive power supply has been improved. Traction motors have been completely renewed in F insulation class. Part of the innovations on the locomotive came from customer requirements and part from the experience and work of a team of experts on the project of modernization of the existing HZ 1061 locomotive.