TZV Gredelj

Modernization and repowering of locomotive D.343.2016

D.343.2016 diesel-electric locomotive of Italian State Railways (FS) was constructed in 1968 in the Breda factory, Italy. In order to prolong exploitation time of the locomotive for another thirty years, the owner has decided to reconstruct and modernize the locomotive. After reconstruction works the locomotive has been converted into a practically new vehicle, more powerful and stronger than the original one, microprocessor controlled, with its newly built driver’s cabs constructed and equipped according to UIC.
Complete reconstruction included all the systems on the locomotive and following interventions have been performed:

– new Caterpillar 3512 diesel engine and Traktionssysteme alternator have been built in
– two-circular cooling system of diesel engine as well as fueling and exhaust systems have been designed and built in
– control and supervision of locomotive have been achieved by means of Woodward microprocessor
– there has been designed and built in hydrostatic system for drive of all auxiliary devices: compressor, fans for cooling of electric traction motors, fans for engine room ventilation and main fan for diesel engine cooling
– new low and high voltage control cabinets and control desks with new equipment have been constructed,
– new high voltage and low voltage electrical installation (24V DC) has been built in
– new driver’s cabs have been designed and built in according to UIC 651, ensuring better working conditions for the crew
– driver’s cabs have been equipped with air condition and heating devices, 20mm thick safety front windscreens and electric wipers
– all partition walls between driver’s cabs and central part of the locomotive have been performed as fire-resistant, and automatic fire extinguishing system has also been built in
– all passage doors have “ anti-panic” locks fitted to enable quick escape in case of danger
– sound insulation lowering the noise level in driver’s cabs below 80 db has been built in
– flange lubrication device has been built in
– on the main frame of locomotive the secondary suspension support has been modified, additional fuel tanks have been produced, weights for locomotive weight increase, new bumpers and traction devices with elastomers have been built in
– air system has been modernized and new screw compressors and air drier have been built in
– electric traction motors have been recoiled into H insulation class, and bogies have been repaired and modified in the workshop of the Italian Railways