TZV Gredelj

Bee 2nd class passenger coach

Passenger coach marked Bee has been built by reconstruction and modernization of B and AB coaches manufactured in 1980.-1985.

The main reconstruction refers to adding the equipment in order to improve passengers comfort (air-conditioning, automatic controlled doors, vacuum toilets etc). Maximum permitted speed is 160km/h and it can operate in international traffic consistence with RIC 92 Regulation.
The coach meets the valid regulations:

• UIC (International Railway Union) referring to B1 coach,
• RIC (Regulation 92 about mutual use of passenger cars in international traffic),
• IEC (International electrical-engineering Comission) that refers to Bee coaches
• about safety and protection at work of Republic of Croatia
• of Croatian Railways
The coach contains 10 equal six-seats compartments and two entrances with a vacuum toilet in each of them. At the rear entrance, next to the toilet, there is a luggage shelf and spare parts cabinet in which hand brake mechanism is situated, and at the front entrance there is electrical cabinet.