TZV Gredelj

Ballast train

Ballast train is designed for deposition of test loads onto the railway section to be examined. It is able to burden the track with 230 kN per axle with a distance of 1500 mm between burdening points. The train consists of six segments with four axles each, loaded to a gross mass of 92 t. Into each train segment there were built in 4 wheel sets of wheel diameter 920/840 mm (new/worn out) tightly pressed onto the axle with 130 mm journal diameter. On each end the axle is seated into double roller bearings. The segments are coupled with one another
by pull rods which are linked to the segment’s main frame by means of elastomer inserts.
On the fronts of the utmost train segments there was built in a removable frontal beam carrying the standard coach bumpers with elastomer inserts of 110 mm stroke and the utmost compression force of 1 MN, as well as the pulling hook with screw clutch. Frontal cocks of brake main line were also mounted onto this beam.
Each train segment is fitted with one 16” brake cylinder, auxiliary tank of 100 l capacity, load distributor valve and accessory working chambers. The installed brake ensures braking force for a train loaded to a maximum degree, which corresponds to «G» regime according to UIC-544-1.
The brake can be adjusted to two braking forces: for ballast ranging between 40000 kg – 58000 kg «empty» position is being used (brake mass 32 t), and for a segment mass with ballast ranging from 58000 kg – 92000 kg «loaded» position is being used.