TZV Gredelj

Successful project of Gredelj and
U.S. partner NRE

Zagreb, July 24, 2017. – Gredelj and its long time US partner NRE have started the delivery of four locomotives (out of total of seven) which have undergone complex process of modernization and adaptation to customer’s needs in Gredelj’s production plant.
They are diesel locomotives series NGT 26CW-3 which are intended for large freight trains haul on non-electrified lines, and the delivery of the remaining three locos is planned for the middle of August.
Successful realization of this project represents continuation of long standing cooperation between Gredelj and NRE (National Railway Equipment Company) which resulted in large number of new, overhauled and upgraded locomotives which have been delivered around the globe. It is the total of 78 locomotives of different types, and it is especially important to emphasise the fact that since the beginning of bankruptcy proceedings 44 locomotives have been successfully processed in Gredelj for NRE. That proves Gredelj’s quality and ability, as well as its competitiveness on extremely competitive international market.
On that basis it is realistic to expect that Gredelj will continue to be recognized as the company which is, through its experience and resources, capable for realization of demanding projects on domestic and international market.