TZV Gredelj

Gredelj's DMU on promotional
tour in Sweden

Zagreb, March 23, 2017. – Diesel multiple unit for regional transport which Gredelj produced few years ago for Croatian Railways tomorrow will be leaving for Sweden in order to perform promotional tour in cooperation with Swedish company Inlandsbanan from Östersund. This will be the first time that railway vehicle produced in Croatia drives promotionally along Swedish railway tracks.
First contacts with Inlandsbanan’s representatives started in September last year during InnoTrans Fair in Berlin. At the beginning of this year they visited Gredelj’s production facility in Zagreb, gained detailed insight into technical capacities and got the opportunity to drive in this DMU – all that combined led to conclusion that Gredelj’s DMU suits their needs perfectly according to its technical and other characteristics.
Promotional activities in Sweden will last for several days, they will include a.m. promotional tour on limited railway route as well as train’s display on railway stations along the Inlandsbanan route, with possibility of entrance and further insight.
Promotional tour will be an excellent opportunity for Gredelj’s train to be seen by Swedish and other private operators which have need for this type of vehicle.

This kind of interest on very demanding Swedish market is yet another proof of Gredelj’s quality and potential for realizing complex projects.