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Zagreb, April 26, 2019 – Today, Gredelj Rolling Stock Factory LLC under bankruptcy proceedings and a long-term US partner, the National Railway Equipment Company (NRE), delivered i.e. handed over the keys of the diesel-electric locomotive series G26 (2 062 004) to the end user company RCC - Rail Cargo Carrier Croatia.

The locomotives were refurbished, reconstructed and modernized in Gredelj plants for the long-term US partner, the National Railway Equipment Company (NRE). There has been contracted a delivery of altogether three locomotives of this type.

After the refurbishment and modernization of the locomotives one should especially emphasize their great availability, reliability and large radius of action, as well as the small number of failures in operation.

"With the delivery of this locomotive, NRE has started the process of opening the European diesel locomotive market, especially emphasizing the option of cooperation with the RCA Group (Rail Cargo Austria). In addition to this project, we should certainly mention the project of joint cooperation between TZV Gredelj and NRE in Slovenia, i.e. the project of refurbishment of 12 shunting locomotives for the Slovenian market, as well as projects in Australia and Africa.

This is the 85th locomotive produced and/or refurbished by TZV Gredelj in cooperation with the US company National Railway Equipment Co. (NRE). This one - G26 locomotive - (2 062 004) is the first locomotive of this US company that will run on the lines of the European Union. After TZV Gredelj declared bankruptcy in early October 2012, National Railway Equipment Co. (NRE) still continued locomotive production activities in Croatia, and during the bankruptcy proceedings alone, 51 locomotives were produced and/or refurbished in Gredelj for NRE. By continuing the production during the bankruptcy proceedings, I can say that NRE has proven to be Gredelj's most reliable partner in the joint conquest of the world market as the locomotives produced in a joint partnership run on European, Asian, African and American lines. "- said NRE's Sales Director for Europe.

Rail Cargo Carrier Croatia (owned by OBB - Austrian State Railways) is an international production unit of Rail Cargo Group which deals with cross-border transport in closed freight trains of exceptional quality and will use the aforementioned diesel-electric locomotives through the option of long-term leasing for traction heavy freight trains in Slavonia and Lika, and for other non-electrified lines on the territory of Croatia.

„With a share of 10% of freight transport by rail, our company ranks second in terms of the amount of freight transported in Croatia, immediately behind the national operator HZ Cargo. With the option of using these locomotives on the so-called Lika Line (Zagreb - Split) Rail Cargo Carrier Croatia hopes to increase its share in the amount of freight transported by rail and to help revive transport operations from the inland to Dalmatian ports (Split, Sibenik, Zadar) and vice versa. "- said a Member of the Board and Director of RCC Croatia, Milan Brkić.

Successful completion of another project together with our US partner reaffirms the high level of expertise and competence of Gredelj's experts and justifies the confidence placed in them. I am especially pleased that these locomotives will run on Croatian railways and we hope and wish for new projects together with our long-term partner NRE in both domestic and foreign markets. "- said the Bankruptcy Trustee of Gredelj, Tomislav Đuričin.


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