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The Rolling Stock Factory Gredelj was founded in 1894 as main workshop of the Hungarian State Railways for repair and general overhaul of steam locomotives.

Throughout more than 120 years of tradition and experience, TŽV Gredelj has  become presently one of the leading companies in the region in the field of designing and manufacturing new types of railway vehicles, as well as in reconstruction and modernization of all types of railway vehicles.

Gredelj certainly owes its success to the outstanding human potentials. We permanently set new standards in the railway industry by new ideas, innovations and solutions.

By moving to a new location in year 2010, Gredelj became one of the most modern factories in this part of Europe with sophisticated equipment, which enables us to create conditions for further expansion in the international market, as well as an opportunity to additionally fortify the position of a regional leader.

At the end of year 2000, we received the ISO 9001 certificate, and from year 2005 we also have the ISO 14001 Environment Management Standard certificate. In the today’s globalisation age, it is especially important to take care of our planet. Since, the railway is the most ecologic means of transportation, by using the newest technology and a professional approach, we contribute to the ’’healthy lifestyle’, participating in the global saving of our planet through minimal environment pollution.


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